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30 Floor, Dikai Yinzuo, Jiefangdong Street,
Jianggan District, Hangzhou city, China
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About us
CBE links startups all over the globe with Top Token and Traditional funds from China, connects appropriate resources such as exchanges, advisors, PR&Marketing partners to localize a project, consolidates strategic networks to do an acceleration.
CBE (China Blockchain Expert) was founded in 2017 by professionals in Blockchain Industry, Investment, Media, Exchange platforms, IT business and Consultant Industry in Asia.
CBE has been helping to improve a business process for more than 25 companies from China, Europe and US. CBE has presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Europe, USA and keeps expanding its operation worldwide.
CBE has the whole ecosystem, including CBE ECO FUND, CBE ACCELERATOR and CBE SERVICES.
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Team members globally
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International projects
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Years of existence
Meet our team
CEO and Founder
Founding Partner
Vadim Krekotin
Kevin Shao
Jonny Zhang
Veronika Kazantseva
Head of Investment Department
Xin Ran
Jennifer Lu
Karena Xu
Product Manager
ECO Fund
Meetup Events
An ideal opportunity for a project to meet more than 100 Institutional Investors in one week and issue the talk about the cooperation. Events organized by CBE are well known all over Asia for its quality of attendees from both sides, Top notch investors and well-chosen projects.
Investment Tour
A well planned and organized tour with individual approach to each project. Starting from broadcast messages and calls to CBE investors' database to find only those who are really interested in investing to the project. Going with a tough schedule full of one to one meetings, lunches and dinners during the trip to China and other countries. And finishing with a professional follow-up plan to succeed with investments to the project.
Business development
One of the major focus of the CBE team. We are here to grow together with our best projects for a long time. Having extraordinary resources in local government and associations we help startups to land their businesses in China, Korea, Hong Kong with a support of special incentive programs. Signing real contracts, increasing company's income and capitalization, fundraising with local Traditional VCs are the key factors for a rapid growth of our clients.
PR and Marketing
To reach the certain level of awareness, every project must have a presence in Media channels. CBE deeply cooperates with the most famous and influential Medias in China and Korea such as Mars Finance, Jinse, Block Global, Chain News, Bixiaobai etc. Only an individual approach, according to the client's goals, can guarantee desired results.
Exchange Listing Services
Trading with an exchange is one of the most important part for each project. Using personal connections and established mechanisms CBE has helped tens of startups to be listed at the top Asian exchanges. The advantage of our approach is that we make the process cheaper, faster and more comfortable rather than a project does it by its own.
Security tokens are on the market for a while but this industry is still at a very early stage. It requires professional solutions from sides of Legal compliance, Technical support, Accredited Investors Relations and etc. to complete the whole process. CBE has enough expertise in a fundraising field and token issuer partnerships in Germany, Switzerland, United States to guide a company to a new world of the digitalized economy.
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) relies on having an exchange (or set of exchanges) function as a counter party. A project provides tokens to an exchange platform which then will sell the tokens to individual contributors. These conditions include capping the contribution per an individual and having a fixed price per one token.
When IEO commences the participant can purchase the token directly from the exchange.

CBE has solid partners in China, Korea and SEA (South East Asia) which are credible and reliable channels to provide a safe and comfortable process of IEO.

CBE has already performed several successful cases in Asia. Our experience in IEO is very miscellaneous and continuous that helps us to do the better service for our clients. For more information, please contact us.
Partners Exchanges

Upcoming CBE Events
3 July 2019
Join us at BTC Night Party in Taiwan!
This event will be held after World Blockchain Summit and themed as an Investors Night. It brings together foreign startups, investment funds from China, heads of exchanges, high net worth individuals and media partners.

The organizers are Consensus Lab, Bit Asset and Nova Ecofund.

The Consensus Lab is a blockchain investment research institution initiated by Mars. It includes the Consensus Investment Fund, the Consensus Quantitative Fund and the Consensus Industry Alliance Fund. Focusing on technology-based platforms, infrastructures and projects with international capabilities that are relevant to investing in blockchains. The Consensus Lab has invested in projects such as FCoin, Blockcloud, Coinsuper, Celer Network, OpenFinance, Quarkchain, Bitforex, Bgogo, Ankr, Origo, Nervos, Ultrain, Newton and also more than 70 blockchain projects.

BitAsset is the world's leading digital asset service platform supporting a variety of fiat currency providing both digital assets and futures contract trading services for institutions and individuals.

Nova Ecofund is an eco-alliance fund co-sponsored by Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Chain Capital, QRC Group, TRON Ecology Fund, Eight-Dimensional Capital, and CBE. Nova Ecofund search for the projects with the most potential value, provide resources and funds for the most promising blockchain technology projects, and jointly develop eco-partner resources, incubating companion projects to continuously grow in size, synergize operations, and promote the positive development of the industry.

Date: July 3rd 2019

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm

Dress Code: Business casual

Location: Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei, Cocoon Poolside Bar

Address: 4F, No.55, Lequn 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei, 10462, Taiwan

Upcoming Partners' Events
Eco Fund
CBE is a General Partner of NOVA ECOFUND which is an active investor at the Asia investment stage. We call our Fund an Ecosystem fund because each of our partner has its own unique resources. Collaboration of these resources makes a very effective and outstanding Ecosystem which we are happy to share with the projects we invest to.
CBE (China Blockchain Expert) was founded in 2017 by professionals in Blockchain Industry, Investment, Media, Exchange platforms, IT business, and Consultant Industry in Asia.
CBE links blockchain projects all over the globe with Top 200 Token funds along with traditional funds in China, connects the suitable sources such as exchanges, advisors, PR&Marketing partners to localize a business, consolidates strategic networks to do an Acceleration. CBE has been helping to improve business for more than 25 companies from China, Europe and US.

B-LABS was joint founded by Hangzhou government, Zhenjiang branch of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua university, Canaan blockchain, Blockchain institute of OK Group.
One of the most leading blockchain incubator supported by a top tier of iconic companies from the blockchain industry and local government department, with fundamental influential resources from the industry and financial power, along with the favorable governmental support to bring a quality blockchain project into the real life.

Consensus Lab, an institutional investor engaged in a research, investment and incubational integration of the blockchain field, is jointly established by Fred Wang and numerous senior figures in the blockchain field.
Consensus Lab focuses on the blockchain technology, application projects and teams with international capability, to provide services and support for the blockchain practitioners. Since its establishment in April 2018, it has invested in more than 40 inspiring blockchain projects, including Quark, Bumo, Celer, Certik, Bitforex and Coinsuper.
The eco-investment foundation created by famous blockchain project Tron. TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system with the blockchain and distributed storage technology.
The protocol allows each user to freely publish, store and own data, and in the decentralized autonomous form, decides the distribution, subscription and push of contents and enables content creators by releasing, circulating and dealing with digital assets, thus forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem. Peiwo App with over 10 million users will become the first TRON-compatible entertainment APP.

BRC (Bitrise Capital), a leading venture capital in blockchain investment, has advantages in resources and research. It was founded by well-known blockchain preachers Kong Jianping, Sun Qifeng, and Shao Jianliang. Adhering to three characteristics in investments: globalized, key track and infrastructure, BRC arranges a deep deployment on a worldwide scale.
Bitrise Capital has a strong resource advantage and investment team. In the global blockchain industry there are several outstanding blockchain projects invested by BRC, such as Quarkchain, Penta, VNT, ZG, Heronode and Bitkan.

Chain Capital was established in April 2015. Its presence covers Silicon Valley, Toronto, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow, London and Shanghai. The core members are the industry experts from Franklin Templeton Sealand Fund Management, Facebook, Qudian, Ogilvy, ShopEx.
Chain Capital specializes in investing blockchain projects, discovering and helping outstanding teams to better use a blockchain technology in order to make the world better. Among projects Chain Capital invested to there are Public Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT).

Accelerator Standard flow
and Events
Apply for acceleration
Who are you?
Project Localization
Thoroughly reviewing the project, we prepare a localization packaging to fit the local market, including materials, tokeneconomy, advisors, etc.
Fund Raising and Operations
We take a startup to visit the funds in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. and do the necessary actiontaking to expose the project to investors and do the followup.
Strategic Resources
CBE brings together all suitable strategic resources to achieve a 100% success. Besides of the investments, we help our clients with such resources as media, exchanges, market making and etc.
Follow-up and delivery
We continuously explore the opportunity of meetups for your project to get more exposure and access to the token funds, especially within the expertise of project strategic accounts.
CBE Accelerator is a core of the whole CBE Ecosystem. We have online and offline acceleration program for our clients. The base for both our programs is a localization and optimization of each project to be ready for entering the Asian market, integration of multiple-dimension resources within a crypto ecosystem, such as strategic partners, token funds, exchanges, PR & Marketing, Community, liquidity and etc.

The principal difference between two options is that for the offline program several project members are to be physically present in one of our three locations in China (Hangzhou, Guangzhou or Shenzhen).
Top Token Funds

Top token funds and some of the traditional funds within CBE network as the reliable partners in the investment industry to facilitate quality projects
Partners of Media/Community/MM

Top-ranking partners of Media, Community and Market Making experts to complete the dispensable part of CBE ecosystem
Exchanges Partners

Top Chinese exchanges as the partners to serve the blockchain projects
Photo Cases
A leading PublicChain Project of "consortium chain+ crosschain + public chain" aggregation chain architecture to create a global distributed smart value network. "CBE resources has been serving as very helping hands in fundraising, resources connection, etc., strongly recommend its services…"

Co-Founder, Feng Zhou
By co-working with KMPlayer (a media player with 300 million users), MovieBloc decentralize the monopolistic film industry and create one that is based on blockchain and participant-oriented.
"During the past Nov meetup roadshow, CBE successfully landed the investment deal, not to mention their various resources introductions…"

BD Director, Chris Kang
Very famous and ambitious blockchain project : A flexible, scalable and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by using blockchain sharding technology.
"An outstanding team of professionals from various of industries, high standard of service delivery…"

CMO, Anthurine Xiang
TRACETO.IO founded to build an inclusive KYC solution for cryptocurrency market participants, enabled by fusing a smart contract and artificial intelligence technologies.
"We did benefit from the CBE team's expertise in their eco-system of crypto world in China…"

Partner, Dan
Singapore-based project aiming to reduce risks and barriers of traditional digital derivatives trading, and create a transparent and autonomous derivative market place.
"Has been enjoying the cooperation with the CBE team, highly recommend their expertise in the crypto ecosystem of China, even the rest of Asia…"

Co-Founder, Lino
World's first decentralized computer sharing platform and marketplace, and a peer-to-peer environment for sharing any applications and any operating systems from personal devices.
"CBE team has been helping SIXA project in multiple ways: fund raising, PR and marketing, real business partner introduction and landing of business…"

CEO, Mykola
We are looking for brilliant ideas and projects which we can build together to become a new Google, Amazon, Uber, Facebook for the next generation of WEB 3.0
Telegram, WhatsApp, Wechat, Zoom

1 North Bridge Road, # 21-10,
High Street Center, Singapore

30 Floor, Dikai Yinzuo, Jiefangdong Street,
Jianggan District, Hangzhou city, China